EIE is a boutique PR, production, events and branding agency that aims to link up with interesting brands around the world, both new and established, to launch or refresh their current approach. We blend traditional, old school public relations practices with current social trends to form a plan that makes sense for the client and their consumer.  EIE stands for Everything Is Everything – we believe in looking at everything as a big picture and building a refined, smart path of everything that leads there. Everything is everything when building something authentic and managing a brand’s public persona. 

EIE was founded in 2014 and our studio in downtown Los Angeles shares a floor with photographers, artists, entrepreneurs, designers, and brand HQ’s.  The team shows up to work inspired by new energy each day and is proud to keep it tactful and real. This approach has led us to form strategic partnerships with a diverse group of talent houses, entertainment agencies, and creative consultants across Los Angeles, New York and beyond.  

Think of EIE as your lab – what can you create with our resources?